Q: Do you take credit/debit cards?
A: Yes! For your convenience, we now accept card payments processed as credit.

Q: What is the Frequent Movie Goer Coupon / Program?
A: The "Frequent Movie Goer Coupon" is a blue slip of paper that gets stamped every
time you come to see a movie. You recieve one stamp for each admission, and once you
collect 10 stamps, you can then redeem your FMG Coupon for a FREE MOVIE! No exclusions!

Q: If I already have a pair of 3D glasses, do I still have to pay the $2 surcharge?
A: Yes, the $2 surcharge is not the cost to "purchase" a pair of 3D glasses. Think of a 3D
feature as more of an "event / attraction" that costs just a little bit more to experience.

Q: Can I purchase advance tickets to a movie? Can this be done online?
A: Yes, you can purchase advance tickets to any movie showtime, any time! You are now able to purchase them online as well!  Advance tickets do not allow for specific seats to be reserved, so it is still recommended to get here relatively early, especially
for newly released blockbuster movies.

Q: Will you be getting *insert movie title here*?
A: Most of the time we are not aware if we will be getting a certain title until the Monday
preceding the release date. We do receive a list of "Anticipated Releases" but we are not
guaranteed bookings for these movies far in advance.

Q: Do you allow carry-ins?
A: No, we do not allow carry-ins of any kind. However, we do have one of the largest selections
of concession candies of any movie theater!

Q: What time does the Moonlight Drive-In movie begin?
A: The Moonlight Drive-In Outdoor does not have a set start time. Showtime depends on when
the sun finally lays itself to rest, so make sure to check the paper and/or weather.com for that 

Q: How do I get in contact with an employee? I can only seem to get the recording...
A: The Shawano Cinema office line is a separate number than the Shawano Cinema Hotline.
Our office line is 715-524-6569.