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All you need to know
is outlined below

    • Purchase tickets by clicking the link at the bottom of this page or by coming inside for assistance in-person
    • A crew member may come around and collect tickets after the film begins (so please keep them within reach)

    • Concessions are available to purchase indoors through the glass door(s), although some equipment (such as the slushy machine) is shut down after the first film ends (at which point popcorn is also put away), so we'd recommend getting your goodies before that time
    • Bug repellent is also available to purchase indoors, multi-use (can) and single-use (wipe)

    • Bathrooms are also located inside through the glass doors and are accessible throughout the entire duration of the film (or films, in the event we're showing a double feature)

    • If you brought any "cinema (refill) mugs" with you, please pay for those inside
    • We'd also appreciate if you refrained from bringing your own food and drinks and instead chose to support our concession sales indoors; the movie companies may keep up to 75% of revenue generated from our ticket sales, so the primary way we sustain ourselves as a business is through the sale of popcorn, soda, slushies, candy, and snacks (in other words, low concession sales increases our chances of going out of business)

    • Tune your radio to 91.3 FM; that's where sound for the content will come through
    • Park anywhere you please (often on a "mound" with your car windshield angled upward)
    • Start your car periodically throughout the film so that your battery doesn't die (for we do not have jumper cables in the event that it does)
    • Keep your headlights off as to ensure a non-obstrucive and overall pleasant experience for all

  • LINK
    • Click on the showtime displayed under the film poster(s) for the feature(s) playing at the outdoor located on our hompeage here to buy your tickets (you may have to scroll up after clicking the link)